Pet Resources

Dog Grooming is just one part of a massive pet community, but we all share a deep passion for all animals. Here is a list of what we think are the best resources for owning and raising any pet in your home, or if you want to reach out and help the community.

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Pet Groomer

This is at the top of our list simply because this is the one-stop resource for everything Pet Grooming. Education, classifieds, magazines, and we highly recommend you check out their Forums to chat with thousands of other groomers.

Pet Insurance Review

Make sure you have insurance to cover your pets in case of an accident and save you from costly vet bills. Pet Insurance Review is just that, a user review database of all the current pet insurance companies. You need to make researched decisions when protecting your pet and avoid any scams that may be out there. I can’t recommend this enough.


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is an establishment to investigate and make arrests for crimes against animals.

A Better Dog 101

A Better Dog Home Dog Training is a in-home dog training based out of Phoenix since 2003. They employ a very dog-friendly approach to training our dogs that is simple and logical.

Find puppies for sale from trusted Breeders. We protect your hard-earned money from elaborate puppy scams and expensive vet bills, while matching you to our nationwide network of qualified and trusted dog breeders.
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