Dog Sprayed by Skunk? Here’s what to do…

Dog Sprayed by Skunk

It happens at the most inconvenient time, you just got home from work, or maybe it’s the middle of the night, or whatever the case may be you need to deal with the smell, and FAST. Chances are the smell is absolutely unbearable, and your dog isn’t very happy about it either. While a groomer can take care of the mess for you it’s not always feasible, so here is the home made skunk remover. [Read More….]

Wahl Arco SE Review

Wahl 8786-451A ARCO SE Professional Cordless Pet Clipper Kit

The Wahl 8786-451A Arco SE Clippers may not look fancy and cool as the new clippers on the market, and it may use older battery technology but these clippers still hold up against all the new clippers. Originally released in 2007 these clippers still reign as winners like an old champion. How do I know? Because we still use them to groom dogs, in fact I purchased these clippers years ago and they still work fantastic. We’ve used these clippers on every type of dog imaginable, that’s why I felt the need to review this beast as it can handle just about everything we throw at it.

The Arco clippers weigh a little bit less than it’s counterparts (Figura and Bravura) coming in at 7.9 ounces (.225 Grams), about twice the weight of… [Read More….]

How Often Should I Groom my Dog?

How Often Should I Groom My Dog?

It doesn’t matter if your dog has a long, medium or short coat; if your dog is considered a non-shedding dog then needs to be groomed regularly. Grooming doesn’t only make your dog look good, but it keeps your dog healthy and feeling well. If you find yourself asking how often or when to groom […]

Wahl Figura Review

Wahl Figura Review

We received the Wahl Figura 8868 and first thing we noticed when unboxing is the ergonomic design. It weighs in at 9.4 Ounces or 266 Grams, your average iPhone weights 150 grams for comparison. It feels solid in your hand and well balanced, its one of those clippers that can take a good beating and keep working for a very long time. The outer shell is a thick silver-coated plastic, and while it feels nice it may get slick from sweating if you were to use them for long periods of time…
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How to Stop Dog Shedding

Stop Shedding

The truth is there is no way to stop dog shedding, but the good news is there are steps and tools available to reduce your dogs shedding in a very healthy way. Not only will help keep your home cleaner (and help you keep your sanity!) but it will keep your dog happy and healthy. […]

Wahl Bravura Review

Best Dog Clipper for 2014

We talked to professional and stay at home groomers and the Wahl Bravura is the best cordless dog clippers among them. What makes it so great? Well, pretty much everything. There is very little vibration, noise, or excess heat. It’s very light weighing in at only 250 Grams (an iphone weighs about 130 Grams for comparison), and it’s ergonomic (feels good in your hand).

Recently Wahl upgraded to using Lithium Batteries that lasts much longer and can withstand 90 minutes of full use. And can fully charge from a completely dead battery in about 60 minutes. They also come with a battery indicator on the front, so you can always tell if you’re running low! Make sure…  [Read More…]