Corded or Cordless Dog Clippers?

So you’re buying a new set of dog clippers, or maybe you’ve decided to take on a career in dog grooming. A good set of clippers can make or break the job so it’s important to make the right decision.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that clippers are divided into two categories, Corded and Cordless. But there is more to this than just the wire that plugs into the wall. We’ll take a look at what professional dog groomers use on a daily basis, and then see what would suit a do-it-yourself home groomer.

Cordless Dog Clippers

Dog Clippers, Corded or Cordless?The first obvious advantage here is that you’re not stuck to the wall with a cord! Cordless are much lighter and easier to maneuver and therefore great for tight areas, especially without a cord sticking out the bottom end of your clippers.

The standard blade for cordless is a 5 in 1, meaning there is a dial and you switch between 5 different cutting lengths of #9. #10, #15, #30, and #40 (sometimes these vary a bit from different brands). This can be a nice feature for some, however you cannot customize the length beyond these 5 choices, and limits your choice of cutting length.

Battery life takes on a big roll when deciding on a new cordless. Running clippers through thick hair takes a lot of power and can kill a battery quickly, and brand names are constantly battling over how long their battery can last compared to others. Pay attention to the type of battery. Ni-Cad batteries are older technology, and while they are cheaper they have a very short battery life, and very long charging times. Lithium, on the other hand, can last for 2 or 3 hours of constant use, and have quick charge times.


Corded Clippers

Corded clippers have the advantage of being able to customize with any blade length. As a professional this is a requirement. You simply need to have a wide range of lengths for different styles of cuts (and not to mention make customers happy).

Battery life is no issue here, when you’re running clippers through a large dog with thick, matted hair then you require clippers that won’t die or slow down. In this case a corded clipper is going to give you the full power you need to save time and grief.

However, with these clippers the cord sticks out the bottom end, and you would be surprised how much that bit of cord can get in the way, it adds an extra 2″ to the total length of the clippers. These make it more difficult for tight areas and make it more difficult to maneuver.


What Do Professional Groomers use?

Proffesional Dog ClippersProfessional dog groomers will often use both corded and cordless clippers since there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

First, they will use a corded clipper for large areas of a dog like the back or legs. Then move to a cordless for touching up tighter areas like the face, paws, ears, and belly since these clippers are lighter and easier to maneuver without a cord.

Why don’t they just use a Cordless for the entire dog you might ask? Using a cordless for the entire dog, and doing several dogs a day, will kill the battery too quickly, making them difficult to keep charged. Also the standard 5 in 1 blades do not allow much customization in lengths. So both clippers are required for the job.


What Kind of Dog Clippers Should I use at Home?

If you just want to groom your furry children at home then obviously you don’t need 2 sets of clippers. But just one good set that can suit all your needs and give you the best bang for your buck.

We have a few recommendations here but some of it will just come down to personal preference. There are great choices on both sides so take a look at our list below and decide what would work best with your pet.



  • Can change out blades to any length
  • Always charged, don’t have to worry about battery life
  • Cord can get in the way
  • More difficult for tighter spots


  • Easy to Maneuver
  • Great for tight spots
  • Lighter
  • Batteries require recharging
  • Uses 5 in 1 blade length, cannot customize lengths


Other things to consider…

Different clippers have pros and cons regardless if they’re corded or cordless. Some are silent and some make a ton of noise. Some will heat up hotter than the surface of the sun while others keep their cool. So going corded or cordless is just one thing to consider when making your choice. Take a look at some of our reviews for what we think are the all-around best clippers for the job.

Dog Clippers, Corded or Cordless?


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